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This article was written by E on 11 Jan 2010, and is filed under #SaveVH1Soul, Save VH1Soul, Soul.

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#MusicMondays – Update on the #SaveVH1Soul Movement:

I was updating thoughts on VV Brown and Kanye West, and thought I should touch bases.

Meetings are being held today as to who we report to, and who is directly in charge of VH1Soul, so that we know who to take your complaints to. Believe it or not people… there is no “Head” of VH1Soul. Just a lot of us interns running around handling different aspects of the channel. Since everyone reported to someone different (and most them people have been laid off… eeeesh), everything is all over the place. Now that everyone is back in the office, its time to rally and focus on who we need to take this to directly, and how we can get it to these people in the most effective way.

I’m talking too much, really (this post might delete or self destruct shortly after you read it), but I want you to know that we DO hear you, and we are working on SOMETHING, fast. for now, if you have a twitter, you can shoot all questions to @SaveVH1Soul, or @EmpressEricka. We will try to do our best to get at you with any info that we have.

All we ask is that you PLEASE continue to spread the word. Retweet anything valid you read, tell your friends whats going on. They were trying to keep this a secret from us AND the viewers… like, one day *COUGH*March 1st*COUGH* you were basically going to just wake up and have NO VH1Soul… or have it merged into BETJazz. Now theres NO way, knowing the amount of people out there who enjoy this programming…. that we were gonna let VH1Soul go out like VH1RockĀ  (yeah, I didn’t forget that sh*t. VH1Classic does NOT count). Now heres the thing… If you’ve got Beyonce’ on Z100 talking about how much SHE loves VH1Soul just a few days ago… then somethings gotta be done, don’t you agree?

Thank you for all your support.

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  • Joe E

    Definitely agree. Please keep me updated and let us know how we can help. Is this a monetary thing? Do they perceive the channel as not making money?

    • E

      its partially monetary, partially ratings related. the appeal is to better market VH1Soul and offer it in a to a wider audience, but we dont even know if they are really hearing all of that. will find out soon tho.

  • Erika G.

    I LOVE VH-1 Soul! There is nothing out there for people who love all different forms of soul/Black music. I like seeing my favorite artists perform live, plus see artists video collection (Soul Story), Soul School where I can see The Whispers, Kid -n-Play, Sub Soul where I can see African musicians, British soul and underground artists and other programming that BET can’t fulfill. I’m a 35 year old woman and my tastes isn’t teeny-bopper. If VH-1 Soul is taken of the air, where can adults like myself watch and enjoy quality music? Shame on them! Please keep me updated and let me know how I can help.

    • E

      definitely not a problem. and you feel how alot of us out there feel. grown, not interested in the normal MTV/BET line up, but still want quality videos. were going to do everything we can to fight this, and we will keep you updated.

  • Eric

    Add me to the list. I am very disappointed that VH1soul has been taken off the air (in my area this happened at the end of March). As Erika said above, I also love the live performances, and the grown-folks music they play.

  • Angela

    Why would they even think of taking it off the air?!!! I woke up this morning and I no longer have VH1 soul. Where else can one hear and watch ol skool and reggae? The other music channels are filled w/ reality shows and some stupid immature music. I still can’t believe this.

    • E

      yeah. most people are a little floored by it. but were working on it.

  • EAC

    That’s odd, because VH1 Soul is playing on my TV as I type this. My cable provider is Comcast.

    • E

      are you in denver or san fransisco? those are the affected areas.

  • John 316

    Just dropped off the air in Minneapolis. We have Comcast. It got replaced with ‘Centric’ – not sure if it’s VH1/MTV related, but definitely a huge disappointment. It was the station to turn on when we were throwing a party. A lot of people I know are going to be quite disappointed with this (25-30 year olds). I’m going to take this into consideration when my cable renewal comes up…

    Let us know if there’s any good news!

    • E

      Minneapolis? Oh no. I am currently out on vacation, but Ill be happy to get on this immediately for you. So Sorry. :(