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Joanna Newsom: 81 – Have One On Me

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A serious music nerd, Joanna studied piano as a young child, but switch to the Harp at age 7… her main instrument. Now you didn’t think people could keep it old school and make entire (interesting) songs just using the harp… but Joanna found a way. Dropping her new single “81” from the nao 3-CD Compilation “Have One On Me” it looks like she’s devised a clever little marketing technique that includes giving you one (or more) tracks from the album (have one on her…) in hopes of you checking out one of her 3 CD/LPs dropping. Interesting… and since she’s about 7 albums in already… sounds like she knows what she’s doing.


Written by E

February 1, 2010 at 11:48 am

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  1. […] blog, based on the overwhelming amount of awesome that has come from it. But I do want to say this. I’ve talked about Joanna here previously. Shes great. But I never thought I would hear her in such an amazing format, with an amazingly done sample done […]

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