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This article was written by E on 08 Apr 2010, and is filed under Great Music, Hip Hop, Hot Shit, Indie, links, Music Video.

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No Seriously. You need to listen to E-40′s New Stuff. Revenue Retrievin’ – Day and Night Shift. Seriously.

Yay Area.

When I ask people if they’ve heard this new double album E-40 just released a few days ago, I get a lot of “I didn’t know it was out,” or “I wasnt even checking for him.” So its my job to tell you to stop f*cking up, and check out E’s new stuff immediately.
Revenue Retrievin’, Day Shift and Night Shift are overwhelmingly and unexpectedly amazing, servin up some of that classic Westcoast Sound, undeniable voice and storytelling you’ve come to love. E-40,  who’s almost 20 years deep in the game and on his 12th album has already reached legendary status on the westcoast, with a fiercely loyal fanbase that exists and breeds in the northern california area. Even though he’s well-known throughout the rap game, he’s also a mostly independent artist who usually can move 100K’s worth of albums without a video or single on radio airplay. And with Revenue Retrieving’, he reminds us why he’s able to do what other indie hip hop artists only WISH they could do.

So why is this worth your time? Well not only has 40 released a double album set with 19 songs on each album (gatDAMN that’s a lot of music)… he’s achieved something that most double albums fail at… each of these albums are absolute FIRE. Out of 19 tracks on each album… only about 5 songs are skippable. It’s not like Jay Z and that blueprint 2.1 mess, where one album was okay, and the other one was shit. This is on some Red Hot Chilli Peppers Stadium Arcadium shit… where its 2 albums of solid material. I’m amazed and surprised… but that’s what I get for underestimating E-40.

Lemme just link you up with some of the hotter tracks, just so you know how serious it is…
Bitch (Feat. Too Short (of Course)), The Art of Storytellin, Ima Teach you how to Sell Dope (LoL), The Weedman, Got It, He’s a gangsta, and my personal fave, Ahhh Shit. LOL.

Youre bound to love one of these… if not the entire album as a whole. It’s your job to go ahead and investigate further tho. I only lead you to the 40 water. You gotta drink on your own.

Have fun.

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