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This article was written by E on 15 Apr 2010, and is filed under EVI/EWI, Instruments, Kaki King, wat, WOW.

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QuickBlog: Kaki King On Fallon and the Electronic Instrument Being Played by Dan Brantigan – The EVI


Hi people.
So many musical blessings to blog about. The amazing performance of Jose James and his first show in Los Angeles, the ASTOUNDING win that was Kaki King on Fallon, and the fact that Questlove is following me on twitter now. YES. That matters to a nerd like me.

But what I want to do right quick is give you a quick blog on something that according to my google cross search results seems to be sparking a LOT of interest… Kaki Kings performance on Fallon, and the electronic instrument you saw an awesome gentleman named Dan Brantigan playing called the EVI.

Welp, here’s the skinny. The EVI/EWI stands for Electronic Valve/Wind Instrument. This is a wind control/synthesizer instrument that uses the Boehm fingering system and is designed to be similar in action to a soprano saxophone. So basically, it’s an electronic trumpet/saxophone, and you can get this instrument to play ANY bass line you want… and so much more.

This isn’t Dans, but you get the ideal.

From here, if you have any questions… you can always reach out to him on his twitter… @CrocDanB. He’s a great guy who’s been on tour with Kaki for at least the last 3 years… and one of the sweetest men you could ever meet. You can also bug Kaki (@KakiTwit) if you have any other questions.

Anyways, hope this short tutorial points you in the right direction. If you have any other questions, just ask.

Later kids.

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  • joe e

    Man…first time I’ve seen an EVI/EWI mentioned on a blog. Few people know what they are, lol. Thanks for the write up! I play an EWI w/ my band, in addition to alto sax.

    And congrats on the questlove followage! That would be a big deal to me as well :)

    • E

      dude. EVIs are truthy… i had no ideal what they were until Dan unleashed the fire on me several years ago.
      and yeah. i knew i wasnt being nerdy about the questlove follow. LOL.

      thanks for reading. hope it helps.