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*Updated: Dude, Someone named Shy Guy took the James Bond Theme songs and Chopped ’em up. Its Epicness. Listen:

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No Seriously. This shit is amazing.

One of the wins of keeping a decent music blog is that musicians will sometimes send you their music for review. And while everything doesn’t catch your ear, you do run into occasional gems that just overwhelm you with the effort and precision that went into it. Sometimes when you hear music, you can hear the hard work and planning through each bar. And this “Beats, James Beats” album is one of those records.

Alex Govenar, AKA: Shy Guy (with the golden beats) is a homegrown Texas DJ and producer currently in New York for school. And apparently… he’s been a busy bee since touching down up there. Shy Guy has been in the NY Beat Battle Scene (LA and the Root Down, anyone?), winning 3 consecutive battles at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe last year alone. For the last few months, he’s been hard at work at what seems to be his pride and joy… his concept album, “Beats, James Beats.” Basically what this cat has done is taken every single James Bond movie themes in chronological order, and turned it into a stunning, overwhelmingly DOPE instrumental hip-hop album.

You can download the full instrumental beat album right HERE, on his website, for FREE. You can’t lose. Just click the link and check it out.

For those of you that need more convincing, lemme hit you with these loosies that are my favorite from the album right now… “You Only Live Twice” chops up a nice string section of the theme song, “Live and Let Die” reminds me why you we need more horns in hip hop, “Man With The Golden (Beats) Gun” finds Shy Guy speeding up the chorus Kanye-Style and looping more wonderful horns, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Love Theme)” takes another violin laced sample and loops it over a laid back beat, and he gives you his own epic version of “Goldfinger” that’s currently fucking up my stats, frankly.

Or you can just check out his YouTube sampler version.

Or you could just go download that, which you should, really.
Have fun. I am.

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  1. […] Ericka posted dropped a post yes­ter­day that imme­di­ately caught my atten­tion when I was James Bond in the title. I book­marked it and decided to check it out later. I'm cur­rently lis­ten­ing while I type this up. Shy Guy gets my stamp of approval. Go down­load his "instru­men­tal hip-hop album sam­pling the James Bond themes in chrono­log­i­cal order" like Ericka told me too because, I'm now telling you. […]

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