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This article was written by E on 06 Aug 2010, and is filed under Appreciation, FIRST, Great Music, Greatest of All Time, Hot Shit, Instrumentals, Instruments, Jazz, Soul.

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New Album Alert and Review: Esperanza Spalding | Chamber Music Society.


Beautiful. Photo ©Sandrine Lee

Sound: High Quality Jazz and Brazilian Jazz for everyone.
Album: Chamber Music Society (August 17, 2010)

Because with this album, Esperanza undoubtedly cements herself as one of the leading jazz musicians of this generation. Only 25, she has had a stunning career in not only music (already on her third album with tons of accolades), but an amazing career as a music teacher as well, becoming one of the youngest teachers at Berklee School of Music. Then theres the whole previous two albums of jazztaular winning, along with awesome appearances at President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony. But really, that’s just a side note to the wonderful musical victory that is Esperanza’s newest album, “Chamber Music Society.” Its filled with fresh sounding and updated yet AUTHENTIC¬† jazz songs, brazilian influenced compositions and stunning instrumental arrangements that show a musical maturity far beyond Esperanza’s 25 years.

Well structured and perfectly sequenced to leave you wanting more, “Chamber Music Society” reaffirms that jazz has been and will continue to evolve (beautifully) and expand throughout generations, and that the love of jazz still exists (especially amongst the younger kids.) Basically, Jazz is not dead, will probably never die, and musicians like Esperanza Spalding are the reasons why. And if you were happy with anything off her first 2 albums… then this one will be just as sweet for you.

Key tracks to check out? “What A Friend,” “Winter Sun,” and the instrumental beauty “Short and Sweet.”

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Get your jazz on.


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