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This article was written by E on 15 Sep 2010, and is filed under Appreciation, FIRST, Great Music, Hip Hop, Indie, Mash Ups, Rock.

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Kaki King’s “Communist Friends” + 8-Ball/MJG and Bun B’s “Country Cousins” = “Communist Cousins.” Links | Australian Tour Dates Go Up.

So this is what happens when my friends get bored and have sizable amounts of talent.  @IvanRott of  “Hip Hop is Read….”  one of my favorite hip hop blogs EVAR… sent me an awesome mashup that he’s been working on for a minute. Fusing together Southern Legends 8-Ball, MJG and Bun B’s rhyming skills with lil Georgia Peach Kaki King’s guitar riffs, he creates epic Mashup Nerdery that everyone can love.

You can download the track in full right here. And while you’re at it, make sure you check out Hip Hop is Read…. it’s a definite winner all around for music links and hip hop.

Meanwhile, we just got done uploading a copy of her performance on Fallon to YouTube… HQ version of “Falling Day” live. You can watch that below, and also check out the new Australian Dates just posted to her website.

You can also check her performance of  “Falling Day” on Fallon. Finally got that up for you.


Good Times.

Have fun.

Junior Australian Tour

Australia Won.

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    E the link for Falling day was removed

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      workin on it

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