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Cee-Lo explains “Fuck You,” puts final touches on new album, “Lady Killer.”

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...and fuck her too.

After finding critical acclaim with the masses with his new single, “Fuck You,” Cee-Lo speaks to his detractors who feel like the song is “Too Much” for contemporary music standards in this AP interview.

“What I’ve tried to accomplish, like, is making art products … so I still believe that (the song) can be classified as art because it’s an original piece and the edge and alternative is there, and the integrity is intact,” he says. And he’s absolutely right.

“The system does not, you know, advocate art so to speak, but it does package and promote products and product placement and there’s a definitive difference between the two, art and product,” he said. “I have yet to sit down and try to write something for the sake of radio. I just never done it, not consciously.” (Good job. Some of the best art is made with total disregard to the masses and what they think of it. Radio airplay included.)

Cee-Lo also goes into what the plan is for editing and prepping the song for any possible airplay it could get (the hook will more than likely be changed to “Forget You.” I say just bleep it out and leave it as is), his new interview/performanced based on Fuse called “Lay It Down,” and his new album, Lady Killer… due out in early show December.

For now, you can catch a download link to the song here, and enjoy the Official Video below.

Fuck Yeah.

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