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This article was written by E on 20 Dec 2010, and is filed under Great Music, Hot Shit, New Album, New Music, Retro Soul, Soul, WOW.

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KCRW’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic” sits down with Raphael Saddiq to talk about his new album, “Stone Rollin.”

Next Up; Stone Rollin.

After putting the finishing touches on his newest album “Stone Rollin’,” Raphael Saddiq invited KCRW DJs and other friends to share the musical goodies with anyone who was willing to listen… which was everyone. “Stone Rollin’” is sounding a LOT like a wonderful meld of The Temptations with updated sounds and modern techniques. Received a wonderful reception from anyone who was around. You can check the tracklisting for the new album and  read reviews from DJ Jeremy Sole down to DJ Chris Douridas by clicking here or just reading below:

On Raphael Saadiq’s last album he channeled the “ghosts of The Temptations,” as he says. On his new one, Stone Rollin’, he keeps that retro style, but takes it MUCH further – as DJ Jeremy Sole says, “it’s his “Electric Ladyland.”

At a listening party at his studio last night, all the DJs gathered there agreed it is an album you will be hearing on the air a LOT in 2011.

More from Jeremy: We stepped into Ray’s world last night, and saw on the horizon the dawn of his tomorrow. It’s bright and well-developed – full of emotion and unflinching faith. Raphael’s new record is bold, lush, intentionally epic.”

The soulful pop of The Way I See It introduced Saadiq to a brand new audience and this is the perfect follow-up. Every single song has a killer beat and among those of us gathered there, each had a different favorite song – which says a lot.

As DJ Chris Douridas says “Saadiq is at the core of what we love at KCRW. He approaches his work like a young and hungry indie rock band, yet he’s got flawless taste, a distinguished pedigree and an insane Rolodex.

The resulting work is this edgy, modern hybrid that combines epic melodies, and timeless grooves with an urgent, alarming relevance. that aside, he’s a hell of a guy and a very snappy dresser.”

Stone Rollin’ Track List:

Heart Attack, Go To Hell, Radio, Over you, Stone Rollin’, Daydreams, Movin’ Down The Line, Just Don’t, Good Man, and The Answer.

Can’t wait to get access to the full album. Should be on its way soon, waiting for release date.
Thanks to Rachel for keeping me in the know; I’ll keep you updated as more comes along.


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