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This article was written by E on 25 Jan 2011, and is filed under Good News, Live Music, New, New Album, New Music, Retro, Soul.

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Amy Winehouse’s new album is looking official. Like, “Completed” Official. Links

Early January 2011. Looking good.

Now after anyone has a run like Amy has the last few years, naturally you’re going to be a bit wary and cautious when news pops up regarding new music, new tours… anything. Getting caught up in boyfriends, drugs and family drama will hold anyone up/make anyone flakey for a while. And after seeing Amy probably hit bottom and blatantly not giving a fu*k for a while… it’s a wonderful thing when things really seem like they are starting to turn for the better. And it honestly looks like they are.

In the last year, after looking like she had re-engaged herself to the asshole, she’s finally ditched the douchebag boyfriend Blake and moved on to someone new… and it looks like he’s doing her right. Don’t know if that’s long-term, but who cares. As long as she’s moving on with her life. In the meantime, it looks like she’s been taking care of the little things, as well as the important shit. On top of starting the effort of making sure her Visa and Passport are clear for travel in 2011 and starting a small tour in brazil, She’s supposedly rallied some of the best talent around her on the low to start building her new band and sound. Along with teaming up with Questlove and Raphael Saddiq for new music and to start some kind of super bands…. It also looks like she’s secured Cee-Lo Green in support of her new album as well. And even though she keeps claiming January as the target for her new album release… knowing how the industry is, we wont get it until fall at least. But at least it looks real. It looks very, VERY real. Click the links. I researched this.

Please Musical Jebus. Let this be real. Amen.

YouTube Preview Image

*Updated 7.26.11:
Man…. FUCK LIFE. MOTHERFUCK LIFE. *throws chair across the room*

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  • Mike

    Big! Thanks for putting myself (and my immediate circle as a result) on to this.

    • E

      you know if i care… its gotta be something to it. LOL.
      thanks for stopping by.

  • QS

    Can’t wait for the new music. And that group wit ?uestlove & Raphael Saadiq? I wanna hear that rite now!

    • E

      yeah. supposedly some kinda super group. i just hope i see some tracks on the album already.

  • Osha

    I love u Amy Winehouse u are the bes singer in the world thats wat i think but amy way i hope to hear some more of your music because your grate love you <3

  • Kali


  • E.

    Amy. I cant believe how much I really love you.

    I Love You.

  • Ryan Canty

    I am *LOVING* this…I don’t care i need me some new winehouse, adele, AND duffy in my life in 2011!!!

  • E

    oh that adele is sounding official. cant wait for that.