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This article was written by E on 05 Feb 2011, and is filed under Rock.

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I Really Really REALLY like Wait For Green. Lemme explain their awesome right quick. Links:

I like these guys. I really, really kinda like these guys. Genuinely. And since I can’t Party with them tonight, I wanted to write them up a quick little something.

I’m happy (and lucky) I found these kids this early in the game… and kinda surprised their sound isn’t spreading like wildfire. I found Wait for Green randomly on Facebook when their ad popped up on the side of my page, offering “An Awesome New (Ska/Rock) Sound” and comparing them to a “Blend of Incubus and 311.” Now the first thought out of my Nerdish/Borderline Music Snobbish brain was “Man, GTEFOHWTBS. Nothin is coming CLOSE to them cats.” So I clicked on the link and listened to what they had to offer with full intention to hate… and got slapped in the face with a nice hunk of humble pie. Not only are these kids decent… they’re actually really, REALLY good. And when they said they are a blend of 311/Incubus, they weren’t bullsh*tting. This is if Cali Rock, Ska Music, Hyper-Melodic Guitar work, Funk Bass lines and Wonderful vocals mated. Lead singer Drew Dockerill’s voice is like a combo of Brandon Boyd and Nick Hexum’s tone with a Antony Kiedis/Bradley Nowell rapping-like delivery.

I was lucky to catch a show a few months back at Roxy on Sunset a few months back when their manager Patrick Cahill (you’re a sweetie pie dude, thanks for everything) guest-listed me so that we could connect on a Social Media tip. And it was definitely worth the trip, as Rafael Britto (Lead Guitar), AJ Larson (Bass, Vocals), Danny Morledge (Drums, Percussion) and Drew sound really great live (important to me) and have a great, energetic stage presence. They aren’t too bad on record either. And to top that, their track “Day One” will be featured on “Chase…” February 9th at 8C/9PM EST on NBC.

So to prove their coolness, Patrick caught the boys working on some new material, and was able to catch an acoustic version (I LOVE ACOUSTIC MUSIC) for the world to enjoy. This clip makes the talent pretty obvious. Just give it a spin.

YouTube Preview Image

And their first attempts at Music Videos. LoLz.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

If you like, and you’re not doing anything tonight, go see them Live at The Roxy. Its good times. As they make more music and I get access to it, I’ll post it up. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to score an interview. We’ll see.


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  • snikliw

    wow these guys jam

    • E

      yes they fucking do.

  • Mark

    reppin tally out in cali! Know you gentlemen would do big things. Keep it up

    • E

      glad you enjoyed.

  • Joy

    They have an AMAZING new drummer. Will Hopkins !!!

    • E.

      omg wow. when did they get a new drummer? fuckin cool.