Music Nerdery.

I listen to a lot of Music.

I’m trying to tell you that this song is Awesome Now. Please Listen to Me. Dee-1: “It’s My Turn.”

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This song is huge. Like, trunk music huge. Like… go put the extra bass on your motherf*#($&ng stereo and listen to this song blow out your speakers while you get it in HUGE. If you put it in your headphones, don’t hurt your ears-type HUGE. Large amounts of Southern Swag (we gotta find a new word for swag, btw), 808s and general hip hop glory. And not only is Dee winning with the beat on this one… he steps in and unleashes some Hot Fiyah lyrically upon you. Basically, this song is THEEE shit, and I love it.

Now you talk about songs that are not only well done, but also pop up into your life right at a time where it feels like this person wrote said song just for you? I’m talking about this song. Briefly celebrating the hard work, progress and well deserved praise Dee-1 is finally getting, he gets into what it took to get him to the top… and what it will take to keep him there.

Download Dee-1’s “It’s My Turn” By Clicking Here. Then spread the word. Your boy Dee is the truth. Seriously.
I told you first! ;)

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  1. […] Dee-1′s latest single, “It’s My Turn.” An Exclusive of sorts, you can say. With the single already out for the last few weeks, he brings you the follow-up video for the MTV and YouTube masses to enjoy (like, right after I […]

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