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This article was written by E on 21 Feb 2011, and is filed under FIRST, Great Music, Hip Hop, Hot Shit, Music Video, New, New Album, New Music, WOW, YAY!, YouTube.

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Dee-1: It’s My Turn | Official Music Video. MTV Jams, pay attention.

So Music Nerdery has the great pleasure of bringing you the video follow-up for Dee-1′s latest single, “It’s My Turn.” An Exclusive of sorts, you can say. With the single already out for the last few weeks, he brings you the follow-up video for the MTV and YouTube masses to enjoy (like, right after I asked for it). The new album “I Hope They Hear Me v.2″ is due 2.22.11, and I’ll have another interview with Dee ready when the album drops for you; please believe it. For now,watch below and spread the word.

YouTube Preview Image

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