Music Nerdery.

I listen to a lot of Music.

I didn’t go anywhere. This is what had happened:

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It'll be over/I'll be back soon.

*Reformatting the site with Chris Edwards is almost done. A bit longer than we’d all like, but it’s getting done.

*Kaki is on tour, caught the bufu bird which then caught AIDS, which then caught Cancer;  broke her arm. AKA: Work.

*Been focusing on reading more and my writing for Potholes. I’ve got a review on Strong Arm Steady over there right now. That one is okay, but my thoughts on Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers are due this weekend. Those are better. You can head over there for more.

*My computer caught its first death virus the 1 week I let my AVG lapse. So I gotta handle that. Obviously.

*Helping LaToiya Williams plan out her Social Media platform for a possible new album. Thatll be fun.

*I just… needed to not write for a minute. Give my brain some time to think about how I wanna phrase things. And check my diction. If I had any. Sometimes you just don’t feel like writing, dammit.

*That doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking, hearing and obsessing about my music though. My friends are touring with Katy Perry, Anita Baker is talking about new albums on twitter, new jobs keep popping up, and I’ve got tons of news and interviews to post and things to discuss.

I’ll be back at it soon guys. Just hold on for me.
I’m worth the wait.


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  1. “I’m worth the wait.” ©Ms. Hill


    March 25, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    • oh lord. did her nut ass actually say that? lmaoooo.


      March 27, 2011 at 10:33 am

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