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This article was written by E on 25 Jul 2011, and is filed under Jazz, New Music, YAY!.

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Andreya Triana will hold me over while my heart finishes healing over The Lost One.

Looking to fill the void that Amy leaves, I put out a Music APB and instantly started searching for positive news in music, any kind of new music that sounded even close to how wonderful Amy was without even trying. Knowing that my heart was hurting, my boy PunchDouble immediately suggested that I get up on Andreya Triana, a bright little jazz light starting to shine out of the UK. After finding her youtube page and hitting up a few tracks… I have to say I agree. Shes great. And while nothing replaces the lost one… its always good to know that this kind of talent is still out there, alive and thriving.

Hope to hear more from this girl. Come oooooooooooooon US TOUR! lol.

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  • Angie Leonard

    Fuuuuuck. The hours of the day weighed heavily on my shoulders. Tired eyes and a very long night of work lay ahead of me.Secluded and hunched over my computer under the harsh yellow bulb in my lamp, I reached out to the Twitter Universe for musical strength.The Empress herself, adorned with bright rose-colored wallpaper and incisive musical dictum rescued me. Nay… she ignited my senses with the likes of such dulcet gems like the Gorillaz – Don’t Get Lost in Heaven… and out of nowhere; she threw Andreya Triana right in my face.It was a welcomed punch of soulful genius. This jazzy European crusader sustained me through a couple hours of budgeting and press-packing. No lie, I caught myself imagining my lips wrapped around a smooth cigarette, basking barefoot in the moonlight with a handsome stranger.I snapped out of my jazz-infused reverie just in time to nestle into a delectable Chai tea and strategic plan. Thank goodness E had given me a little Bilal to keep in my back pocket for an occasion such as this.The Return of Mr. Wonderful – Mixtape. Thank you for being mixed.

    • E.

      glad you found some comfort in the music. thats what its for.

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