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This article was written by E on 31 Jul 2011, and is filed under New Music.

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  • E. on Anita Baker - Live In London: 7.27.1986 | Time to break for a second.
  • Steph. on Anita Baker - Live In London: 7.27.1986 | Time to break for a second.
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So this is the point where I start pointlessly chasing all Amy Winehouse music I can.

I hate this point; this moment. Much like after Kurt, after Bradly Nowell… I’m forced to start this search of any news, links or otherwise that might guide me to any hope of hearing this beautiful persons voice again. Its a horrible search that I really don’t even want to do… but it has to be done. Simply because she deserves it. And just because I know she has music out there. Somewhere. And it needs to be heard.

So lets start with the obvious stuff… the supposed album that Amy was in the process of finishing before… her grandmother came and got her. As we all know (and can google search on the internets if the work I’ve done here is insufficent), there was an album she kept continuously speaking of and promising us before everything happened. What we dont know is how far into this project she was and how much of it was finished, but the producer of Back to Black and best friend Salaam Remi has let us know that there is some stuff recorded. Swipe:

“We were working on it; it’s not a complete album,” Remi said, debunking reports that her third LP was finished and slated for release. “We had a lot of things going, there are recordings, but first things first, I think. We’re trying to focus on what’s at hand and what her family wants to do. So those reports [that there is finished material] are false.”

Whats to come of this work… I guess we will see.

On top of that, lets not forget that there is a whole other project that Amy created during her time hiding away in St. Lucia, getting off the drugs and off Blake. While hiding away from the world for a while to get her life straight, Amy managed to record an entire album of Ska, Reggae and Carribean influenced music that was set to be her third album. Alas… Island Records immediately rejected the material she sent in, citing it was ‘too dark.It was rumored that Mark Ronson picked up a few of those tracks for saving, but again… we don’t know what happened with it past that. Jesse over at Large Up! goes into detail a bit more:

Seemingly on the road to recovery, the singer (who had previously indicated plans to record with her friend, Damian Marley) is said to have emerged from several months in St. Lucia in 2009 with a set of dark, heavily reggae-flavored tunes. Ironically, Island Records, the label responsible for turning reggae into a global phenomenon in the 1970s, apparently rejected this material on the grounds that it departed too drastically from the successful Back to Black formula.

….so while its all just speculation… it does bring me some kind of comfort to know that there is music out there that we havent heard yet. I’m just really hopeful that one day… we get to hear whatever she left us.

Until then… here’s obnoxious amounts of b-sides I think you’d be interested in. Click the links for more.

Do Me Good
To Know Him Is To Love Him (Cover)
You’re Wondering Now (Cover)
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Cover)
Teach Me Tonight (Cover)

Wake Up Alone [Acoustic Alternative]

…and Amy Winehouse Live at AOL Sessions (WINNER.)





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