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This article was written by E on 06 Sep 2011, and is filed under Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury.

I'd kick your firstborn to be in this photo

You know, the moment I had access to money, I bought albums. I will never forget the day that I bought your records home and played them in my room. My mother nearly lost her mind with irrational hate and anger over the fact that I would be listening to “70s gay glam music.” In that moment…. I knew I would be a fan of yours for LIFE. I still am… and I always will be.

Miss you. With your awesomely fabulous ass.

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Happy Bornday.

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  • Anonymous

    just need to ask who the guy on the right is. thanks for posting about Freddie!

    • E.

      producer for the first 2 Queen albums, i forget his name. but he posted up this photo a few years back. and I want to be there.