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I have the Piano Sheet Music for D’Angelo’s “Voodoo.” Yes, I am fu*king awesome.


Following in the tradition of the site name, I have found the holy grail for Music Theory Nerds. First of all, I would like to praise Sheet Music Jebus for sending me @MrSeven65, who seemingly is the last person on earth with a physical copy of D’Angelo’s sheet music for Voodoo, convienently located in a place I’d kick you in the shins to get to; Jamaica. But yay be to the power of the internets and technologies, who hath brought forth the scanner and emailing devices; it must be shared. If you learn how to place that intro chord progression to Africa, please. Share the glory.

Download part 1 here, and please. Go warm up before you get started. Seriously.

*Update: Here goes part 2 with The Root, Spanish Joint and something else awesome.

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  • Albertsardei

    yes, you are!!

    • E.

      thank you.

  • E.

    Hi France. Your country is beautiful.

  • E.
  • E.

    no problem.

  • Downindixie


    I gave Voodoo the brush-off like everyone else when it came out. I was looking for Brown Sugar volume 2. I pulled it back out in ’04 and finally got it. Which was stupid because I was listening to the yodas already. Anyway, I can’t let it go. I’m such a music nerd, I listen to the vinyl on an old magnavox console. It just works…..

    • E.

      Shoot. I cant lie. I ditched school to go buy that album from Tower. I loved it from day one and I still love it right now.

      I dont care what he releases at this point. As long as he just releases something. lol.

      • Downindixie

        Right now, Voodoo is almost a lifestyle for me. Playa Playa is my theme song. Every Black superhero should have a theme song. lol

        • E.

          Notice how Devil’s Pie is still relevant. lol

          • Downindixie

            Don’t even get me started on that! Did you ever check out D’s performance of that song on the MTV awards? That shyt was sinister. It felt like a middle finger towards the whole industry. He said “I don’t give a phuck, I ain’t goin’ out” so loud in that mic, then threw the mic stand off the stage. You could tell people were telling to D to be something he was not. Then, he started screaming “all a lie, all a lie, all a lie” and just walked off stage. That shyt was scary. You could tell he was rebelling against that system.

          • E.

            that was a perfect moment in musical history.

          • Downindixie


            I got this off of Billboard…..
    It appears that it’s still not turned in to RCA. It’s been 12 years and he’s STILL draggin’ his ass?!?!? I’m done with this dude.

  • Quays

    This is great! Do you have Devil’s Pie and Chicken Grease too?

    • E.

      Not yet, but I can have the guy scan that down if you need it.

  • Teundillisse1997

    can you send it to me?

    • E.

      If you click on those links above… the purple links… they have all of the music there waiting for you. Let me know if it doesnt work for you.

  • E.

    We’re working on that one right now for you, Promise.

  • Entertheyeti

    Thanks! Spanish Joint…. I did the best I could, having only 6 strings. Learning that song made my Month!

    • E.

      Knowing that I helped you learn something new makes me feel awesome.

  • Brian

    Man… I’ve been putting the chords and licks to these songs by ear on piano and guitar for so long… Seeing the actual transcriptions fills in so many subtle gaps. Thank you sooo much!!

  • E.

    crazy you just asked that… my friend JUST sent me the whole book a few days ago. I will get that up by the end of the week… PROMISE.

  • k

    You’re truly f##king awesome man!!!!

    • E.

      I have the whole book. just gimme a few days.

  • lonny

    where the whole book at?

    • E.

      I’m posting it tomorrow.