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Silversun Pickups are coming back sometime in 2012. Praise Indie Jebus. Links:

So after wondering to myself, “Gee. I know whats her name got married, but I wonder whats good with SSPU”, I basically mosied on home and just happened to google it up a few days after they announce they are in the studio completing their new album. GREATNESS. And even better timing on my part.
Here goes a nice link and swipe from AP (Music) News:

Silversun Pickups – EXPECT IT: Spring (DANGERBIRD)
Never a band to shy away from mystery, Silversun Pickups will be taking their sound to darker places on their third full-length, which they’re about halfway finished recording. “It sounds spooky. We’re all a bit afraid of it,” says vocalist/guitarist Brian Aubert. “Every time I do a take Nikki [Monninger, bassist] hides under the couch. It’s like slowly putting together your own murder. We even have injuries. Hopefully we’ll come out this with at least half of our limbs. No joke. Danger…” [BY]

(Old School SSPU Enjoyment)
YouTube Preview Image


From here, you can stick close to their website for more, and enjoy.

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