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This article was written by E on 13 Jan 2012, and is filed under Soul.

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Listen: New Georgia Anne Muldrow – Seeds [Produced by Madlib]. Link:

I realized I havent spoken much about the immense singing and songwriting talent that is Georgia Anne Muldrow. She has a longstanding history of being amazing, I just havent had a chance to point it out to you yet. Makes it easy when she drops some amazing new music though. With a bass line, drum pattern and sound straight of an O’Jays Album, Georgia unleashes that glorious voice for the world to hear while speaking some wisdom on the ways of the world. That’s what I’m into.
Swipe from her Label’s Site:

It’s about seeds and children, about contemplating the future.
It’s also a diss record to Monsanto… produced by the Beat Konducta Sensei: Madlib.
Georgia: “This album brought out a whole lot of characters outta me. Most of them are on the fierce side of the fence – (laughs) – it’s raw. The brother Madlib’s production is really great, and it inspired the concepts that i already hold near and dear within to find new contexts.

I feel that somehow we’re living in the midst of a cosmic drama right under our noses, above our heads, in our neighborhoods, and certainly on the inside too. We just tapped into those energies, and got to building!  Someothaship strives to lend voice to all that as best we can, and I’m no exception.

Georgia Anne Muldrow – Seeds (Produced by Madlib) by someothaship


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