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This article was written by E on 22 Jan 2012, and is filed under Soul.

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Watch | Listen: Lianne La Havas: Forget (Official Video). Wow.

I’m trying to tell you about her now. Shes ridiculous. Since finding her a few months ago, I havent been able to rid myself of her hauntingly beautiful voice. It stays inside of my head, lightly singing melodies of happy to my soul. While comparisons to Adele and Corinne are close, its more like a Amel Larrieux meets Esperanza Spalding thing going on over here. Its serious. Haven’t felt this kinda happy over finding a new singer in a while. Now she releases an official video for “Forget,” off her Lost and Found album and Live in LA EP. She’s the shit. For those whining about my enjoyment of Lana Del Rey…. Don’t say that I didnt try to tell you about that real shit.

Forget (Official Video)

YouTube Preview Image

…and some extras. Because you need to listen to this.

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YouTube Preview Image

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