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This article was written by E on 18 Feb 2012, and is filed under Gospel.

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Video: Yolanda Adams pays Tribute to Whitney Houston @ 2012 NAACP Image Awards.

Despite (and in glory of) Yolanda Adams dedicating her life to The Lord and singing nothing but Gospel Music, she still remains one of the greatest vocalists of modern day era. And you’ve probably never heard her sing, you poor soul (if you’re on this site, you probably know who she is). She is the modern day Mahalia Jackson, one of those rare people who claims the life lessons of Jesus as her own… and actually LIVES it. God bless this woman, only she could finally get a lip quiver and semi-tear out of me with her tribute to Whitney Houston.

Starts about at about the 3:30 minute mark.
YouTube Preview Image
Yolanda Adams singlehandedly sang Whitney to the arms of the Lord with this one. That last minute was a conversation between Yolanda, Whitney and The Lord. We just got lucky to watch. Reminding me why I still love Gospel. Nothing makes me feel like that… except this.

You don’t have to go buy her albums, but at least get familiar with this God given voice. We need all we can get right now.

*Whitney’s version of I Love The Lord:
YouTube Preview Image

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  • Ms. Luna

    This is amazing! Damn…I’ll miss her.

    • E.

      Glad you found it. Yolanda went in tho.