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This article was written by E on 19 Feb 2012, and is filed under Uncategorized.

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Today is @MTV2′s ‘Hottest MCs In The Game: 2012′ Day.

Hottest MCs In The Game VII. This is always an awesome day in Music Nerdery land, as I get to watch all my favorite people sit around at a table at the MTV NY Headquarters and argue with each other for hours (condensed into 1 hour by studio magics) about who they feel are the Hottest MCs today. It’s also marked by a day that I sit in front of the TV and yell at it a lot, while live tweeting my frustrations at Mutiple Twitter Accounts.

Here’s the fun part. So who YOU and I think hottest lyricists *cough*kiddaytonadee1fuzekendricktheyjustconvincedmeonearl*cough* and how we rate our MCs is different than the MTV angle/rating system. When they think hottest MCs, they are talking about whos hottest in the music industry today, whos made the most progress, most connections, most money, hottest tracks in their Database (pay attention to that one kids) and the like.

10. Wale
9. Wiz Khalifa
8. Big Sean (This is a completely different Big Sean than I remembered)
7. Meek Mill (CarolinaWare was right 3 years ago)
6. Jay-Z (Oh Boy)

I mean, I kinda hate the list already, but I’m a nerdsnob who also understands why and how it works from a commercial standpoint, so I’m willing to let it slide until I see the last 5. Which I’m sure will be all Young Monied up. We’ll see.

Until 2.19.2012 | 10:30PM eastern time rolls around, you can check out the video and website for all the details and discussions. I’d post the vids here, but Music Nerdery is on that “I just updated 13 plugins and my bandwidth is low” struggle.

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You can find the full list here.  

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