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This article was written by E on 20 Feb 2012, and is filed under Downloads.

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  • Steph. on Anita Baker - Live In London: 7.27.1986 | Time to break for a second.
  • E. on Anita Baker - Live In London: 7.27.1986 | Time to break for a second.
  • Steph. on Anita Baker - Live In London: 7.27.1986 | Time to break for a second.
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Download | Listen: Whitney Houston – Live @ Madison Square Garden 1991. Links:

Here is your link on Whitney Live at Madison Square Garden in 1991. Supposedly one of her best shows ever caught on audio. If that doesnt work, I have a back up link for you to click on right here. Download away. Great plays on her songs (Singing Still In Love with Didn’t We Almost Have It All), her comments in-between songs and interactions with the crowd… her voice at its best. Been in the collection for a while now, and I’ve been listening to it a lot, realizing that Whitney kinda dominated 80s Pop. Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Whitney. Wow. Feeling old.

Also;  To summarize and add to the Whitney rant:

*Cissy’s letter to Whitney. Wow.

*‘Didn’t We Almost Have It All’ is Whitney Houston’s best song; Scientific Fact. Not debatable. Somewhat discussable. Proven on the record youre probably download right now.

*Man, I was a fanboy for her and I didn’t really realize it. I was cheering her on even when I didn’t think I was. That voice will do that to you.

*This shit has me emotionally exhausted. For several reasons. Some of you know exactly why. Not only do I miss Whitney, its got me thinking about my future in this industry… and things I have to prep for.

*We really need to treat our musicians/entertainers better. Notice I didn’t say celebrity, I said MUSICIAN/ENTERTAINER. They are two completely different things that get entangled often, due to fame and the media getting in the way, using a persons image and fame to gain ratings and sales. If you want to run Kim Kardashian’s name into the ground, okay. Not cool, but thats what the talentless slore is around for (forgive me). I can tell you right now from personal experience: most REAL musicians dont want the fame and celebrity. Maybe the fortune (LoL), but not the fame. Most motherfuckers just wanna play whatever instrument it is they play for you. Above all, they are human. Probably with more feelings and intelligence than you. Lay the fuck off.

*To add to that, if you booed Whitney at the 1989 Soul Train Awards, may your soul burn in hell.

*Also, I don’t give a fuck if this woman was a bi-sexual transvestite she-man with 27 eating disorders and cocaine shooting from her vagina as she rode over a rainbow on a magical unicorn. She will always be Whitney Houston, and she is DOCUMENTED as having one of the greatest chest voice, melismas, vibrato, range and overall voice in modern history. Fuck what you think.

*If you are assuming that Whitney died of a drug overdose, then I get to assume you have Anal Herpes and Zombie AIDS until you can prove different.

*Respect the dead. I understand your mad at Whitney because you feel like she threw away her talent, you didn’t like her, or you just dont like Black people. Thats fine, you psycho. Just respect the dead. If you dont think your words will get back to you in some fashion, I’ll just let you continue being miserable and let you figure that one out.

*There are morons who are mad because New Jersey’s governer lowered flags to half staff in order to honor her. Most mean, racist people claim her to be a crackhead when in reality, she gave about $75 million dollars to education, housing programs and other social programs in New Jersey. New Jersey’s largest hospital holds their largest Children’s ICU ward. It is called the Whitney Houston Childrens ICU. She gave $25 Million to them alone. She also donated every penny in sales she ever made *off her singing the Star Spangled Banner to Combat Vets from the first Gulf War, then again for families of 9-11. So lets not act like she didn’t do good things while she was here.

*I hate you all.

Anyway, share with your friends, and enjoy.

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