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We play Chess in large amounts over here.

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Happy Birthday, Astrud Gilberto (quite literally, The Girl from Ipanema).

Everyone loves this woman, her voice and her best song without even knowing. I can almost guarantee it. That lovely and haunting voice with just a tinge of brazilian accent all over it, Astrud Gilberto, a legend […]

Mar, 30

Come Watch: The (Bootleg) Itchy and Scratchy Movie – Every single episode of the Itchy and Scratchy Show edited into one awesome 48 minute video. Link:

I dont even need to say anything. You know what it is. Just enjoy yourself before the YouTube Nazis take it down.

Mar, 30

News: Herbie Hancock declares inaugural Worldwide International Jazz Day: April 30th 2012. Links:

We all know Mr. Hancock to be fairly awesome; certified legendary. With that established, he has taken it upon himself to appoint and establish the worlds first International Jazz Day to take place on 4.30.2012, […]

Mar, 30


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