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Watch: Beastie Boys’ Mike D Curates L.A. Multi-Media Show @ Geffen Museum. Links:

Quick Post: In other awesome Museum News, Prefix mag brings me great word of Mike D coming to Los Angeles to set up his own art curation and his Transmission LA: AV Club project with the ...

Apr, 30

Wait For Green is making that quality Spring and Summertime Ska/Rock Music. For Free. Listen to it.

It’s been a long time coming and I’m horribly late, but the time is here: You need to pay attention to Wait For Green. Now if you know the nerdery you already know I’ve been ...

Apr, 30

Andreya Triana releases sampler for “Lost Where I Belong” Album. Come listen.

Southeast London born and raised, Andreya is self taught and pretty amazing when it comes to her music. I’ve been ranting about her and her Lost Where I Belong project for a while now, but ...

Apr, 30

Thanks for space. I’m coming around.

  Hey kids. Sorry to disappear. Personal armageddon, massive work load, itinerary changes, monetary switch ups, boy-crush disappointments (the fuck? you knew I liked you) and mini-heartbreak have kinda taken the wind out of me. I really ...

Apr, 26

Music Nerdery and Hexmurda speak on family, life, and good Hip Hop Music. He also yells at me a lot. I am okay with that.

So the inspiration to this interview started one night many moons ago, and went like this:

Apr, 09

News: Missy Elliott debuts new music in New York with Timbaland. Videos:

Pointed out by Prefix (thanks for making me give a fuck about music) and shortly after praising her ill appearance on J. Cole’s new track… she pops up in New York at Tim’s show with brand new ...

Apr, 06

Oh nothing. Just jammin with Dam-Funk over here.

Really busy lately… but I can always find time for Dam. Just a reminder. If youre not catching him at his weekly Funkmosphere Parties in Culver City, if you havent been to his Soundcloud page, ...

Apr, 05


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