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This article was written by E on 05 Apr 2012, and is filed under Hip Hop.

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I am not watching that KONY shit. I’d rather listen to Shaun Boothe rap about it.

Yeah, so I never watched that KONY shit. While the world went up in arms about a situation in Africa that’s been ongoing for decades, there was just something awkward about the whole situation. And then it made itself apparent.

Meanwhile, Toronto native Shawn Boothe went about it in a more musically roundabout way. Still on the grind from releasing his last mixtape, Shaun found his way to the studio, and worked out his thoughts out on the ongoing cycle of children being kidnapped and forced into warfare – from the booth. Yeah, its not raising money that probably doesn’t even get to where you thought it was going (oops), but at least he has the guts to speak up about it. Watch it and learn something.

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