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This article was written by E on 09 May 2012, and is filed under Funk, Video.

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Watch: With this video, I hearby proclaim Dam-Funk to be King of The New Funk.

You see, we’ve been doing this Boogie Funk thing for a while out here in LA, but the world is just starting to take notice. Frankly, its about time.

I’ve been hyping up my good friend Damon on this site for a while. Pointed out to me years ago by the ever-talented, musically relevant  DJ Jedi, Dam Funk has been moving the Boogie Funk movement forward in Los Angeles for years; singlehandedly bringing back a sound from the 70s/80s that should have never went out of style. And when you let Damon play it… it still sounds as fresh and relavent as EVER.

If you know Damon, you know his dedication to his instrument(s) and craft. But its a completely different thing when you see him in action, live and in that zone. Praise Jebus that someone out there was lucky enough to capture this amazing performance of Dam rocking the shit out of Japan late last summer. Not only does this song make me want to chair dance (I popped my hamstring) for 5 hours straight… it is a perfect example of Damon’s REAL musical talents, showcasing his amazing piano skills (ON KEYTAR!) while keeping what looks like most of Japan hyped as shit, while simultaneously unleashing the funk. Its great to witness. I wish I was there.

You take the time to learn more about Dam-Funk by clicking here or here… watch this dude do his thing on this video… and remember. I told you so. Early.

All Hail The King Of The New Funk.

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