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Upon closer inspection, Ill Camille is superb with the Hip Hop skills, kids. Listen to this ‘Goes Down’ track please.

Ill Camille has been doing her thing on the Los Angeles Hip Hop scene for a WHILE at this point. Already working with legendary DJ/Producers like Battlecat and House Shoes and 9th wonder, Camille has […]

May, 22

Nas names Anita Baker’s Rapture album as one of his 25 Favorite albums of All Time. Links:

 Teehee! Oh how things like this make my heart pointlessly happy inside.

May, 22

Watch: D’Angelo perform Soul Mate live for GQ. Then read his AMAZING interview with the Magazine. Yes.

 Just in case you thought I forgot, or you thought he wasnt serious about making this comeback…

May, 22

Albums: The (Unofficial) Official Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Full Soundtrack. Download/Links:

After years and years of frustration of never being able to find or locate some kind of Soundtrack to the epicness that is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, research led me to find that there was […]

May, 22


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