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New Video: This clip for Nas’ ‘Daughters’ is just about perfect in every way.

I am really glad this happened.

It really is.
Of course, I am a woman who has seen this story happen many times. It’s great to hear someone address their shortcomings as a parent, and make an effort to fix it.
On top of being flawless and heartfelt, it shows a side of Nas that we rarely if EVER see… him attempting to be a loving caring father to his almost legal child, Destiny. Been an interesting journey, watching nas transition from kid to grown man to father with some serious priorities to take care of.
He initially caught criticism for this song. I don’t know why, as it is a testament to what Hip Hop should be sounding like at this point. In short, support good music or shut your basic ass up.

Looks like Nas’ new album is out June 17th. Its about time. Eager to hear what it sounds like.

Watch the video and try to learn something.

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