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Video: Dam-Funk says “Don’t Go Swag. Just Stay Cool….” while opening for Shuggie Otis. Watch.

Not much to say, other than I have been a long time fan of Dam-Funk and his musical movement of bring that style of 70s to 80s funk back to the forefront of music. A […]

Jan, 29

Los Angeles | Concerts: FYF Fest 2012 Lineup Announced, Dam-Funk pops up again.

So Prefix just brought me some awesome concert news. FYF Fest is back, the lineup is decent, and the tickets arent ridiculously priced. Should be fun times before you head back to school or before […]

Jun, 19

Concerts: Dam-Funk officially headlines Make Music Pasadena 2012 along with Grouplove and Grimes. Links:

I love where I live. Last year I posted up about the Make Music festival in Pasadena, but never posted a follow up to it. I should have, being that it was pretty cool. Spread […]

Jun, 09

In the process of co-signing my love for Dam-Funk, Nelson George shouts out the Music Nerdery. Humbleness is abound.

Well how nice is this indirect win. Just when I think no one is really reading this shit, I always get some kind of sign from somewhere that awesome, nerdy people always find their way […]

May, 11

Watch: With this video, I hearby proclaim Dam-Funk to be King of The New Funk.

You see, we’ve been doing this Boogie Funk thing for a while out here in LA, but the world is just starting to take notice. Frankly, its about time.

May, 09

Oh nothing. Just jammin with Dam-Funk over here.

Really busy lately… but I can always find time for Dam. Just a reminder. If youre not catching him at his weekly Funkmosphere Parties in Culver City, if you havent been to his Soundcloud page, […]

Apr, 05

Listen | Video: Dam-Funk + J-1 + The Funk = Fadin’. LA Boogie Funk for the win.

Supposedly created and posted by Eddie over at the Okayplayers (who also sent me a bit of a shoutout; I see you son), we have some of the last footage of the Master Blazter crew […]

Jan, 28


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