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Video: Watch Bjork be funny and talented on The Colbert Report last night.

Everything Bjork does is awesome; has been since about 1994. Well, maybe not everything, but nevertheless… she’s great at making amazingly weird and awesome music that wakes my brain up and makes me feel good in the […]

Feb, 01

Listen to the entire Little Dragon Album Streaming in full on NPR. Links and Review:

With respect to Mini Dragons and Heathcliff, I took down the direct link to their album. I didn’t know anyone was actually reading this shit, but what the artist says goes around here. What I […]

Jul, 22

Potholes In My Blog + Music Nerdery = Oh My God. This dude @SBTRKT does not suck. At ALL.

Holy shit son. Holy shit. How I’m feeling about this is real. This album is The Electronic Future. The Techno Way and the light. SBTRKT basically just came through and make me like some shit […]

Jul, 03

You need to listen to Quadron right fast. Links:

Quick post, but an awesome post. Ambient, soulful, electronic, fairly kickass. After seeing Quadron mentioned in my timeline a few days ago by some great friends, I was quickly reminded of how amazing Quadron is, […]

May, 31

You know that awesome song in that New Honda CRV Commercial? It’s Mr. Little Jeans – “Rescue Song (RAC Remix).” Links:

This one I actually had to look up. Did it two weeks ago, but were just now catching up with my own musically overactive brain. Thought I should take the time to post it up […]

May, 24

My latest review for Potholes in My Blog: Warm Ghost | Uncut Diamond EP. Come Support Your Girl.

Once again, so honored that someone thinks my writing is decent enough to front it on their site. And humbled. This weeks review? Warm Ghost. A lo-fi shoegazing indie group I hadn’t really heard of […]

Feb, 26
Sleigh Bells. If you don’t know by now, Just listen to the glory.

Sleigh Bells. If you don’t know by now, Just listen to the glory.

Sound: Thrashing Guitars over Hard 808 Drums and Hip Hop Beats, Melodic Electronica and Synths with airy Vocals. Basically Everything I ever loved. Album: Treats (2010) Why? Dude, if you haven’t heard the hype behind […]

Dec, 16


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