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Rest Peacefully, Beverly Dewitt Yancey.

Something I need to acknowledge before I get back into doing what I do. A few days ago Beverly Dewitt Yancy – the father of the legendary James ‘J. Dilla’ Yancey – passed away after […]

Sep, 30

Video: Donna Summer (LaDonna Gaines) sings ‘White Boys’ from the musical Hair in Fluent German.

Donna Summer kept you musically right with all kinds of musical hits that spanned over 40 years and and 3 different genres. Multiple hits as a result of a long discography and a 5 octave […]

May, 17

Another dimension, A new galaxy. Adam “MCA” Yauch is Intergalactic Planetary.

I knew when he shared the news with us that it wasn’t going to be good. It was one of those renal/glandular cancers that sounded hard to get at, and he wouldn’t get too into detail about the […]

May, 08

J-1 was really something special.

I had the honor of briefly meeting J-1 and hearing him play back in August at the Terrace in Pasadena as they headed out on what was to become one of Dam’s most sucessful tours […]

Dec, 16

Peter Tosh: 10.13.1944 – 9.11.1987.

A musical prodigy caught up in some hoodfabulous shit at times. Nevertheless, he was a major creative force in The Wailers, followed by a successful solo career with solid sales and a grammy award. Politically […]

Sep, 11

Amy, Amy, Amy.

This one hurts a lot more that I will ever be able to verbalize. Past this post, I will probably never talk about it.

Jul, 23

Michael Jackson:

I still miss you and strive to be somewhat like you. Everyday. You were literally too amazing for this Earth, even when you were here. I love you. And this still sucks a*s. It’s selfish […]

Jun, 24


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