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Music Nerdery’s very late attempt at doing one of those Best Music of 2011 Lists.

Really, I cant remember everything amazing that I listened to last year, regardless of my tracking it here and on other sites.

Feb, 03

Video | New Album: The Alchemist + Oh No (Gangrene) = Vodka & Ayahuasca. Listen -

On top of making a quick stop over at Amoeba Records TODAY (at 6pm) to push promotion of their new project, Vodka and & Ayahuasca, Gangrene (Alchemist and Oh No) release the official video for […]

Jan, 24

Links | Listen: Shy Guy is at it again with this Crakk Nicholson beat tape.

So remember a little while back when I was telling you about this awesome kid named Shy Guy and his wonderful usage of James Bond themes for beats? Well a few semesters of music school […]

Jan, 11

Links: Don Cheadle talks about the Miles Davis Movie. He also dances his ass off in this Angela Winbush music video.

Brought to my attention by Prefix last week, Don Cheadle spills some of the first details of the new Miles Davis biopic. Swipe from NME/Prefix: The details surrounding Don Cheadle’s long talked-about movie on Miles […]

Jan, 08

Fela! (The Musical) is in Los Angeles. Go See it. Take your family too.

Long story short, the critically acclaimed, music nerd certified, 11-time Tony nominated, hugely successful play “FELA!” has finally made its way to Los Angeles. This is a big deal for us, since LA rarely gets […]

Dec, 21

Potholes in My Blog + Music Nerdery = Proh Mic: Rhythm for Days

Been really busy, please forgive my absense. However, life is awesome for me right now and I need to focus on that. Eventually I’ll sit down and explain everything, but not without permission from The […]

Nov, 01

Yes, it is true: Radiohead and MF DOOM to collaborate. But can I get you to a concert tho DOOM?

If you knew anything, you’d know that Thom is a big Hip Hop Head. And this basically proves it. Swipe from The Pitchforks: As part of a compilation celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Lex […]

Oct, 26


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