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If you missed it… The Lady Gaga Album Cover. No, Seriously.

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LOL. She wild.

Dropping the cover last night on her Twitter/Twitpic page… Lady Gaga continues to take WTF to whole new levels.
Welp, not much to say after that. LOL.

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April 16, 2011 at 9:27 am

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Ummm, That new Sade is pretty Awesome. Listen. "Love Is Found." Link:

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I can work through computer armageddon when its Sade.
Sade is one of the greatest bands of all time.
Note that I said BANDS. Of ALL TIME. Google It.

Continuing her recent streak of win, Sade release a new single (for what, I dont know. Who cares. Its New Sade) for what I’m hoping will be a new album. If it is, I’ll be shocked, as Sade is known for taking 5 year breaks in between her recording awesomes.

With a wonderful jazzified symphonic introduction that leads into a pulsating beat and deep driving bass line that pretty much catches your attention instantly, it becomes very hard for me to hide my total fanboy appreciation for this woman and her musical career.


Finally. Footage of my girl @ElleB_Music rockin with Katy Perry. Link:

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Lookin all sessy and professional.


I’m proud of her like I birthed her.

So My Buddy, the future famous Elle B is currently out there with Katy Perry rockin your lifes and starting the party at your concerts. Now while I haven’t been lucky enough to catch her in action (that will change once she gets back into the Los Angeles area), I have been crossing my fingers, hoping that my  legendary tradition of recording concerts and putting your footage up on youtube would manifest itself with some Elle B Content, and praise Jebus… it has.

I love it. And I’m honored to present My Girl in action. Check it out:



She’s pretty Boss, huh?
You can head over to Elle’s personal website for more info on her, her awesome music and travels with Ms. Kitty Purry.

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April 5, 2011 at 10:28 pm

Incu-Newness: Incubus puts up New Teaser for possible New Album.

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Oh Shit Son.

So in todays work; the teaser site for Incubus’ new album goes up. Along with the intro to their main website, 4.4.11 @ 6pm has been posted as the time we need to be paying attention to whatever the fuck is going down *COUGH*newalbum*COUGH*. You can click here to head over to the main website and find out more; I just wanted to point this out really fast for all of you to enjoy. Now. Back to work.

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April 1, 2011 at 4:16 pm

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So Here It Is. The New Music Nerdery.

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So this is what it feels like in new skin.

I have my own Logo and EVERYTHING.

This is it. Everything me and @Chris_Edwards have been collectively working on for the last 3  or 4 months. All the planning and coding and font picking out and color scheming… all in front of you for you to behold and enjoy. Its my new Music Nerdery. And this is what its going to look like for a while.

The general ideal is my own, but my boy Chris came through the technical concept and execution. The “Lazy Load” feature of the photos, the font choices, API and stat feature for me… email for you… He did alladat. Praise him for it, because I cant code for crap. So lets break down some of these new features we’ve come up with for you.

I wanted to have a site that is Computer and Phone Screen friendly; something where you can see everything on one screen, then be taken to another page when you want more.  The search engine on this thing is POWERFUL, my Archive section is the sexiest thing anyone has ever done with their lives, and I have to again thank Chris and his team of nerds for laying it out for me. In full text form, theres no more long wait for all the photos to upload or multiple pages to scroll through. Go ahead and hit Ctrl + F (if you’re on a PC), type in your favorite band, and see all the babble I’ve written about them in the last year and a half.

The funnest feature of them all tho? My front page and the “refresh and rotate posts” concept that I came up with, and Chris executed. So how does it work? Click here, go to the front page and try it out right fast. One you’re there, refresh the page. You’ll notice that every time you refresh, a different set of posts present themselves in the lower five columns (and sometimes in the 6th one on the right hand side). The concept behind this is to give everyone a chance to see every post I’ve done within the last 30 days. Right now, I’m still working out kinks and photo resizing tricks. But once I start posting more (it only goes into effect from my posts from this point forward) You’ll see it go into full effect even more.

Then I have all the fun stuff that you come to expect from music websites nowadays… I’ve got an official “Like” Button for Facebook, along with a full Facebook fanpage for the nerdery as well. On the bottom of the homepage, you should have access to my blogroll (which also changes when you hit refresh), a calender that also serves as an archive, links that take you to contact information, pages, youtube pages (because before there was “blogging” there was “video logging”), pages, stumbled upon links, the Music Nerdery twitter page… all of that. You should also be able to leave comments easily now if you have a facebook or twitter… you can just log in through whatever social media outlet you want.

Basically, I’ve made this site as internets/social media interaction friendly as I possibly can. Now you have no excuse to not come by more often, read a post, find a link, leave a comment. ;)

I’ve stepped off the free format and stepped onto the format.  Thought it would be complicated than it is, but with Chris’ help… its been a wonderful transition. I own my whole entire website. And it feels good.

So thats where I’ve been, and what I’ve been up to. In terms of my nerdery anyways. But it was time well spent. As the next few days go on, I’ll start posting more, but with new Kaki dates coming in and LaToiya’s stuff to be caught up on… work comes first. But I am here. And gatDAMMIT it feels good. :D

Please guys… feel free to look around, and leave comments and thoughts. Understand that this is still very much in a beta type mode, and were looking for any constructive critique you can offer. Give me ANYTHING you’ve got, I’ll be here to reply. And you have no excuses to not to.

Thanks for sticking around.


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March 30, 2011 at 4:38 pm

Thundercats T-Shirt gives glimpse of Full Thundercats Cast. Photos:

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Shot One gives you your first look at all the characters....

Shot Two gives you the main characters.

Time for our weekly Thundercats Post.
Two new shirts pop up on Thundercats Animated’s Website, giving us some intersting insight to all the character layout. Awesome.
Get your nerd on.

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February 19, 2011 at 8:40 pm

The Legendary: A Film About The Roots. (Video:)

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Taken from My Potholes, it appears as if two very smart people (Cam Be; Jeff Baraka) managed to get a Camera Backstage at critically awesome times in Live Roots Show History. The movie short you see below is the end result. You should watch it right quick while I finish some more writings.

Lord Jebus of Great Reviews, help me break this evil Writers Block that does not alloweth me to properly scribe on the epic events that transpiredth on the evening of The Yearly Roots Grammy Jam, so that my friends may enjoy the glory. Aaaaahmen.

(no blaspheme-o.)


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