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Video: The Black Keys featuring Johnny Depp, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler @ MTV Movie Awards. Links:

I just wanted to point this out really quick, as this is the stuff that Music Nerds dream of. So yeah. Johnny Depp just decided to hop on stage with The Black Keys last night […]

Jun, 04

Nas names Anita Baker’s Rapture album as one of his 25 Favorite albums of All Time. Links:

 Teehee! Oh how things like this make my heart pointlessly happy inside.

May, 22

In the process of co-signing my love for Dam-Funk, Nelson George shouts out the Music Nerdery. Humbleness is abound.

Well how nice is this indirect win. Just when I think no one is really reading this shit, I always get some kind of sign from somewhere that awesome, nerdy people always find their way […]

May, 11

Video | Photo: An Evening (Weekend) with Anita Baker • Live at Radio City Music Hall – May 6th 2012.

Funny, I didn’t know dreams actually came true. Just when you thought getting Anita, Lalah and Rachelle in the same room was awesome enough. Then there was this. With that said….

May, 10

Kate Havnevik’s new album finds its way into the Apple iCloud Commercial. We all internationally flip out.

So how amazing is this. It was already pretty awesome that my friend Kate Havnevik just dropped her newest album totally on her own terms… using kickstarter to help fund her new project completely by […]

Feb, 27

Dear Internets. The D’Angelo Album is REAL. Let me attempt to prove it to you (Part Four: The Concerts are REAL):

So after about 2 years of trying to tell you, It looks like D has finally rallied a good management and promotional team around him… and has intentions* on hitting the road for a few […]

Dec, 12

Tom Morello (RATM) shows up and plays at #OccupyWallStreet. Video:

It made me sad to hear that there are no real plans for an immediate RATM release. I thought that would be the last I heard of any of them for a while. But in […]

Oct, 13


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