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So I know you’ve been wondering where the hell I’ve been lately | Music Nerdery and Prefix Magazine join forces to create Voltron.

  Well, no you probably haven’t. LoL. Hey kids. Long time, no post, I know. But your girl has been incredibly busy over here. So lets start from the beginning… but keep it brief. Really, […]

Sep, 30

LaToiya Williams talks about her upcoming KupCak’n EP release, drops official album cover.

So I’ve been out here getting my PR game up, and assisting Ms. LaToiya Williams with her ventures into the Social Media world while shes off recording wonderful new music. Today LaToiya came over to […]

Jul, 27

In other positive news on musical legends, Bobby Womack is now cancer-free, according to his PR camp.

On a day that already has my nerves frayed from Elton John being sent to the hospital for a respirtory infection, it is always great to have positive news about Bobby Womack, his upcoming musical […]

May, 24

Live Footage of D’Angelo Performing First Show (& New Music) in 10 years | D’s Tour Manager starts a Tour Diary. I will be watching it like my life depended on it.

So as D’angelo arrives in the UK to start his tour and Europe shits its pants, it starts to seem more and more evident that what I’ve been yelling about for the last two years […]

Jan, 26

I’m back, and it looks like I’m going to change things up a little bit. Come talk to me for a minute.

The more things change, the more things stay the same. Welp, I’m back. Praise Music Jebus for being able to log off and not care about things once in a while. Really needed to do […]

Dec, 02

Jose James is on tour again, and is headed to Los Angeles. Praise Music Jebus.

Short and to the point, my modern jazz favorite Jose James just finished booking some brand new dates that include some long awaited stops on the west coast. He’ll be on the move starting the […]

Dec, 01

Black Star doing their new single Fix Up and Astronomy (8th Light). The shit is huge.

So just when I thought I was pissed off and fed up with Black Star, the cancellation of shows, the changing of names and the 12 year gap between albums and both of their general […]

Oct, 06


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