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Listen: Actual Proof – The X Factor (produced by Khrysis). Video:

Yay for impressive Hip Hop Music.

May, 21

Music Nerdery talks with The Kid Daytona. Fun times were had by all.

So if you follow the nerdery, you know that I have a thing for this overly-talented Kid Daytona dude. He’s pretty amazing with the lyrical skill, pretty good at picking beats, and above all really […]

Dec, 09

9th Wonder and his documentary “The Wonder Year” finally make their way to Los Angeles on December 8th. Links:

Party and AFTERParty? Wins. Since I don’t feel like typing much, I’ll just go ahead and swipe + link the site for you to have fun with. _______ The Wonder Year documentary film is finally […]

Dec, 07

Music Nerdery + Potholes In My Blog = Check out my review on 9th wonder’s “The Wonder Years.”

With all the workin out and prepping for the new job, I forgot that Sundays are Erickadays on Potholes, and that I had a decent review of 9th wonder’s newest joint, The Wonder Years due […]

Oct, 09
The Last Song Little Brother and 9th Wonder did together – “Star.” Link:

The Last Song Little Brother and 9th Wonder did together – “Star.” Link:

The homie @Phontigallo, in all his awesome, has decided to share this awesome little gem with us. Star is one of the last tracks Little Brother and 9th did together before parting ways. But I’ll […]

Mar, 26


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