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Mega Ran and his heartfelt Hip Hop tribute to Aaron Swartz. You need to listen.

A really poignant, well done send off to one the internets greatest heroes no one really ever knew about. Peace to Mega Ran for consistantly making tracks that actually MEAN something. I knew there was […]

Jan, 29

Album Review: Not only is Danny Swain’s Payback! pretty amazing, it’s what got me hired at Prefix Magazine.

So I’m kinda indebted to Danny Swain right now, on several levels. Not only has Danny managed to release one of my favorite Hip Hop albums of this year (and let me preview it a […]

Oct, 01

So I know you’ve been wondering where the hell I’ve been lately | Music Nerdery and Prefix Magazine join forces to create Voltron.

  Well, no you probably haven’t. LoL. Hey kids. Long time, no post, I know. But your girl has been incredibly busy over here. So lets start from the beginning… but keep it brief. Really, […]

Sep, 30

Update: Its Official – It looks like Vh1Soul is going to be just fine after all.

So after being very close to joining its cousin vh1Rock as a distant television memory, and after (valid) talks of Ryan Seacrest possibly taking over the network in full, I do have some great news […]

Aug, 20

New Music | Touring: Mega Ran’s new ‘Language Arts’ project does NOT suck | Show @ Central SAPC tomorrow. Links:

The overwhelming greatness of this album should not have surprised me the way it has; I have always been a huge fan of Mega Ran’s work and message. Yet here I am at like, 3 […]

Jun, 05

Fuck This Rap Shit, I Listen To Classical: The Legendary Leontyne Price Appreciation Post.

I’m really into opera. Really, really, REALLY into opera. It might have something to do with my intensive upbringing in music, or it might have something to do with the fact that I like that […]

May, 28

Happy 45th Birthday, Heavy D. I made a spotify playlist of your awesomeness.

Because as long as I have your music with me, Its like you never left. Or at least thats what I tell myself.

May, 24


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