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Music Nerdery + Comic Book Art Nerdery + @KennyKeil = WAOW.

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Considered giving him an eyepatch, but the guy has enough problems as is.

There is absolutely nothing better than  when your two favorite worlds collide. When someone can cleverly take one thing, and meld it into another like they were MEANT to go together, it’s always a beautiful thing. These are the works of the OVERLY talented  (and frankly, hilarious) Mr. Kenny Keil, a fellow music nerd with an eye for the comic book and the talent to draw (I can’t get a straight line with a ruler. So im amazed by default). While there are a couple of copycats out there getting on this trend of turning your favorite comic books into Album Covers, no one is doing it quite like Kenny. He invented the Hip Hop Comic Book Remix.

Please. Just Look.

That would of course be Jamie Madrox, The Multiple Man
It's good to be the Kang.
Iron Fist & Power Man Making Dollars

The N stands for Norse.
…then come back, die again, come back, only this time as an evil clone, die again, come back, etc

and MY favorites…

Or is it pronounced “Dark-Seed?” I
Hard to believe that before becoming a Hollywood megastar, Jazzy Jeff was just a humble DJ from Philly.
All I want are power rings on a sentient planet. Ain
Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing state of mind

I mean, seriously. This is pretty epic.
Theres someone out there doing rock covers in converted comic book form, but seriously. Ken was first. And it is awesome.
Follow him on twitter too, because dude is just as funny as he is talented.

Congrats on Mini Ken getting here!



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