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Dear Erykah Badu…. The Cold War Kids are shouting you out.

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LA Represent (Kinda)

Dear Erykah,
Whether you know it or not, we’ve got a good thing going on right now. So let me tell you what it is.
I’ve got a habit of reaching out to you often, in a loving way, to tell you information on who’s out there listening to your music, making great covers of your records, and who’s out there shouting you out in music videos. I understand you’re an artist who’s sensitive about her sh*t, so I know that you appreciate the little things like this. Or at least I hope you do.

The first time I reached out to you, it was regarding My Morning Jacket doing a wonderful cover of your record, “Tyrone.” We were having a discussion on #ThatSite (lmao) regarding you, and someone brought up remixes that were done of your music. I took it one step further, and mentioned that MMJ had done a wonderful cover of Tyrone that I was SURE you hadn’t heard.  We posted it up for you, in hopes that you would hear it.
Well, it looks like you did. Because a few months later… you did this:

….which was absolutely amazing, by the way.

Later, about a year after the release of New Amerykah, while you were still carrying little Mars… The almighty Lil’ Wayne blatantly shouted you out on his superhit, “A Milli.” Posting the lyric directly from his song, “Where is Erykah Badu At?” I made it an attempt to figure out how you were doing with child, how New Amerykah 2 was going, and to show you that there is a wide array of musicians who are interested in your whereabouts.
Welp, you went and one-upped me on that one too, when you went and did this:

So yeah. At this point, I’m being led to the wonderful assumption that you are actually out there listening, taking all of this in, and turning it into beautiful music opportunities. Or maybe not. Or maybe I’m feeling my nerdery too much. Or a combination of all three.

Regardless,  I’m going to go for this one more time…. and bring to your attention the wonderful musical stylings of The Cold War Kids.
They are around the corner from me in Los Angeles, making good music in Fullerton. An Indie Rock band of real quality, the are about 8 EPs/LPs deep at this point, and at work to release #9 really soon. In support of their new album, they just released the video for their new single, “Audience.” The theme of the song, as well as the music video for it, is being in a relationship where you seem to give all of yourself to one person, but in turn, they are totally unresponsive to you and your needs. The video follows the characters through the video as the males in question try their hardest to keep their girls entertained or impress with whatever they are doing at the time, and their girlfriends just… not paying attention.

In this  one scene, one of the boyfriends ask her about YOU.


Cool, right?
It’s like, I don’t even know how these kids know whats up like that. LoL.
Heres the full video for your viewing pleasure:

From here, I’ll just let you do what you do. It’s always great to be referenced in a song, and you seem to get alot of that.  You should know the Cold War Kids are definitely worth looking into. A great band who’s obviously been paying attention to the good music. And making good music themselves.

I hope you read this.


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