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We play Chess in large amounts over here.

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I also wrote a little something about Blood Red Shoes for Autostraddle. That was cool.

So the kids over there really think I write decently enough to feature my work. I am always freaked out when this happens; never gets old. Anyways, if you know me, you already know I […]

Jun, 22

I helped Autostraddle to be awesome this week. You should check it.

Hey kids. Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’m over at Autostraddle helping them step up their music nerdery a bit and get my byline up. So this week I have the honor of talking about Blood […]

Jun, 21

The Alabama Shakes are awesome. You should listen and pay attention.

Quick Post: I’m going to get into The Alabama Shakes more for Autostraddle in a second. They’ve had a longstanding history of awesome at this point. The review will be in depth and awesome, but […]

Apr, 02

Congrats to Autostraddle for winning Best Entertainment, Best Community and Best Overall Weblog in the 2012 Webbies.


Feb, 28

Autostraddle + Music Nerdery + Two Door Cinema Club Review = Girl on Girl on Music Nerd Culture. Links and Review:

LOOKIT ME! Well, after secretly crushing on the Autostraddle crew once they shouted out Music Nerdery in the early days…. it only took about 5 years and a total writers block fail when it came […]

Aug, 26

Guitars and Concerts. Blessings and Breaks. More on what that means when you Click Here:

So what are these Blessings, you ask? I was just offered a wonderful writing position with the KICKASS site, Autostraddle. Wow. Wowwee wowwow. Now, if you’re from the old school, you remember that Autostraddle was […]

Mar, 03
Top 15 Bands From the 90s We Used to Listen To But Don’t Anymore, and 10 That Still Get Played. (via @Autostraddle)

Top 15 Bands From the 90s We Used to Listen To But Don’t Anymore, and 10 That Still Get Played. (via @Autostraddle)

LOL. 1990′s Alternative. MAN were you awesome at one point. I remember thinking I was so cool because I was into Rock and Alternative before all my friends. Aaaah. Memories. So in a random fit […]

Nov, 13


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