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On: Why Miami Heat Are Not Great. | DJ Flula Beatboxes for Dirk Nowitzki.

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As a Laker fan, this might be the best thing to come out of this whole FAIL of a Finals Season.
So if you missed my whole DJ Flula appreciation post and the whole #GermanMoses movement, just check out Flula’s Dirk Nowitzki appreciation rant.


Now I need you to check out as DJ Flula openly and lovingly hates on the Miami Heat:


…but right before he goes off on the Heat, Flula makes an awesome Beatbox in the name of Nowitzki. A.d we all know what kind of beatboxing snob I am. This was done awesomely. So you know thats saying a lot. I can rock with this.

Flula continues to be awesome. If the Mavericks win… oh man. His YouTube page will be greatness.


His Name is Dirk. He is the German Moses. Also; Why Dirk is Great. By DJ @Flula.

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This is what happens when you give awesome German People who have access to instruments and cameras waaaaay to much time, and it is pointlessly AWESOME. DJ Flula, hailing from the great Germany (maybe), takes some time to make a very thorough appreciation song for the fairly awesome Dirk Nowitzki. What results is just… wooooow.
The wigs, the 10 Commandments of Dirk, and LOL at this dude hitting  Stephen Hawking face at 0:54. Wow.

Way too much time went into this, seriously. if you think thats wild and uselessly hilarious, watch the 3 minute rant that DJ Fluja made explaining why he thinks Dirk is basically the greatest of ALL TIME. Why Dirk Is Great:
…he is the HOOVER of Dams.

Then, upon further inspection… It just turns out that this dude is fucking hilarious. Check out Flula @ Comicon. Wow.
Then check out as Flula Lip Syncs All Over America….
Then check out as Flula Goes home to Germany.

This was, without saying, a great random ass find. I wasnt even looking for all this LOL. And here it is in my lap.
Thanks, DJ Flula.



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