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Moves to Los Angeles and signing with Life or Death PR does Mr. Little Jeans a lot of good.

So remember a while back when I pointed out how awesome Mr. Little Jeans is and how hauntingly beautiful her voice and music are in that Honda CRV commercial (click here)? Well it seems as […]

Apr, 03

Miike Snow announce new album in 2012. I got happy.

I’m mad no one told me anything about the new Miike Snow song I randomly found while searching the internets for new music. Yet low and behold, here it is; along with a nifty little […]

Dec, 20

Did you get that new Dam-Funk EP? Download that and check the new tourdates here.

Swipe from the almighty Stones Throw: Dam-Funk teamed up with Scion AV for the release of this new EP and the October tour. 10″ vinyl release coming soon, but you can download it for free […]

Sep, 25

You know that awesome song in that Trident Commercial? It’s an even better Music Video.

Yeah. So surprisingly enough, I am not opposed to this fairly poppy, euro dance song that magically popped up in my life recently. Or its supporting music video. Both are somewhat amazing and creative enough […]

Jun, 24

New Coldplay: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. YouTube Link & Download:

You know how I know you’re gay? LoL. So if you know me, you know that Me and Coldplay (grammatically incorrect; I dont give a shit) go back a long ways. A LONG ways. Before […]

Jun, 03

You know that awesome song in that New Honda CRV Commercial? It’s Mr. Little Jeans – “Rescue Song (RAC Remix).” Links:

This one I actually had to look up. Did it two weeks ago, but were just now catching up with my own musically overactive brain. Thought I should take the time to post it up […]

May, 24

Chris Brown’s “Beautiful People” is a Benny Benassi Beat. This explains why I secretly dance like I’m at a rave when no one is around. Links:

Yes. “I love it. I fu*kin love it.” ©Lil’ Wayne.

May, 23


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