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New Dr. Dre Music. No. Seriously. Hell didnt freeze over. Its New. Link

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I'm still waiting for the actual album.



Gee. Just when I wanted to layoff, stuff like this happens.

Yeah, it’s actually happening.
Word is that a video for this single was show this weekend… which is what led to this leak. I don’t know how long it will be before Detox will be theoretically “released.” What I do know is we have our first official single from said theoretical album. “Kush,” Featuring Snoop and Akon sounds fresh and updated while still keeping close to that classic Dr. Dre sound.

Download the single HERE, and spread the word.

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November 15, 2010 at 10:40 pm

Sample (Dis?)Appreciation Post: Amerie – More than Love = Dr. Dre – Sh*t Popped Off (Detox Leak)

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Album: Amerie – In Love and War (2010?)
Song: “More Than Love” (With Fabolous)
Sampled from: Dr Dre’s “Shit Popped Off,” the only leaked track from his unreleased album, Detox….
Which was also sampled from A Live Version of Kool and the Gang’s “Summer Madness.”
(thanks, @chansonthegreat! you really are great.)

While Amerie’s switch from Columbia to Def Jam records was probably great for her, and her new single “More than Love” shows some promise and growth, it was Amerie’s usage of a Dr. Dre song that truly caught my attention. Now what had happened was (lol)…  this Dr. Dre song, entitled “Shit Popped Off” was leaked off of his album that has supposedly taken  more than 10 years to complete (D’Angelo Style). This song was also used in the background of a Dr. Pepper commercial early last year, which got the typical music nerds hopes up that sometime soon, Detox would be released. Welp… apparently not.

Now the thing is…. If Amerie used this song as a track on her album… does this mean that Dre wont be releasing this song? Or possibly the entire album? Things were kinda rough lately in his personal life with the passing of his son… but I was hoping that eventually, we could have one last Dr. Dre album to rock with. The only thing I worry about now is the fact that it might be too late to release it at all. The times have changed, along with the music that the kids like nowadays… and I’m not too sure that the kids nowadays will even care. Maybe… but you never know.

I guess we’ll just have to work with the Amerie version of it for now.
Find the links in the poast, and enjoy.


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