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No seriously. Scoop DeVille, Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar just rapped over Twin Sister’s Meet The Frownies. Damn.

In other small musical victories, I awoke this morning to the news of new Kendrick Lamar music being released with Dre as a feature and Scoop D on the boards. I was geeked to hear […]

Apr, 02

Grouplove kicks ass. The iPod commercial cosigned my sentiments.

It all started a few months ago with a random poster hanging in amoeba stairwells, oddly enough. The poster, which ended up being promotion for their new album, just happened to catch my eye and […]

Nov, 30

Dear Khrysis: I told you “What Is This” was a hot track. Listen Here:

With my review on The Away Team’s “Scars and Stripes” album for potholes around the corner, its only natural that my boy Khrysis start droppin tracks in anticipation for the new project. To my surprise, […]

Oct, 08

Maria Callas:

One of the most beautiful voices to ever borderline yell it out in the history of life. Born to a somewhat douchey and abusive mother in New York, grew up to further her musical training […]

Jun, 03

Music Nerdery + Potholes In My Blog = Hail Mary Mallon definitely does NOT Suck. Review:

Feeling right at home, back with my peoples over at Potholes. Thanks for letting me have that time off to regroup and focus kids. I love you guise. Anyways, after a small pause between the […]

May, 15

Chino XL, ZOOLAY and More at Little Temple – March 23rd. Flyer:

This is gonna be fun. That basically tells you everything you need to know. Can’t wait for this one, on the real. Make sure you’re following ChinoXL and ZOOLAY on the twitter.  

Feb, 24
Dee-1: It’s My Turn | Official Music Video. MTV Jams, pay attention.

Dee-1: It’s My Turn | Official Music Video. MTV Jams, pay attention.

So Music Nerdery has the great pleasure of bringing you the video follow-up for Dee-1′s latest single, “It’s My Turn.” An Exclusive of sorts, you can say. With the single already out for the last […]

Feb, 21


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