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Update: Its Official – It looks like Vh1Soul is going to be just fine after all.

So after being very close to joining its cousin vh1Rock as a distant television memory, and after (valid) talks of Ryan Seacrest possibly taking over the network in full, I do have some great news ...

Aug, 20

Concerts: Converse Block Party – Thurzday, Pacific Division and Stalley Live in LA 8.25.2012. For Free.

Pretty much self explanitory and a wonderful come up for Los Angeles, I just got word from Stalley’s manager that he, King Thurz and Pac Div are doing an awesome free show in Los Angeles ...

Aug, 17

Happy 39th Birthday, Hip Hop Music. (…and me too.)

Well documented throughout the internets, and consistently brought to my attention by good friends for the last 5 years, it appears as if Hip Hop music, DJ Kool Herc and I have a lot more in common ...

Aug, 11

Happy 50th Birthday, Kool Moe Dee.

One of the greatest forefathers of Hip Hop reaches a beautiful milestone in life today, and I just want to take some time to acknowledge it and give him the respect he deserves. I’m going ...

Aug, 08

Mega Ran | Random just released a brand new free mixtape, ‘Tour: A Date With A Dream’. You should listen.

In other work that I am doing right now, I am always happy to help Mega Ran spread his amazing music and message. This new mixtape of his is free, lyrically great, and everything that ...

Aug, 06

“This Love Is Sweet” – LaToiya Williams’ first official single in a few years.

I am very proud of my friend, I support her and cheer her on and I hope you will too. Her voice is a Godsend. Swipe from the brand new site: It is my ...

Aug, 01

New Video: Big K.R.I.T. Featuring Ludacris – What U Mean? You should probably watch this.

In small surprises, KRIT pulls Ludacris (once again) for another feature and releases ‘What U Mean’ as his next single. Surprising in the sense that I thought KRIT would play it safe and release a lyrically ...

Jul, 30


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