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This is the Music that makes me Hate Christmas a little less. Links:

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....And what happened then? Well, in Whoville they say that the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day.

I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas. Its great and all for families, and I have decent memories of Christmas coming up for the most part. But now… it’s not about family or loved ones or celebrating the end of the year and your accomplishments and setting goals for the next year. Nope. It’s about spending and buying and credit card debit and marketing and spending time with family that frankly… you just don’t like. Plus, as a grown woman with no kids, it just has no value at this point for me.

Christmas is just irritating. EXCEPT for the music. The Holidays is a perfect example of music stepping in and making everything better. There are just some songs and some things… no matter how much I find myself irritated by holiday advertisements or bratty kids begging (and mostly receiving) toys they don’t deserve… that can’t be marred by human stupidity. And one of those things is Music. Holiday Music to be precise.

Note to self: Find Boyz II Men’s Christmas album. Today.

Anita Baker: My Favorite Things and I’ll be home for Christmas – There are a lot of versions of these songs. But I only want Anita Baker to sing them to me, please. Thanks.

Leontyne Price: It came upon A Midnight Clear – Let one of the most legendary African-American Opera Singers change your life right quick.

The Roots: Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa – Because its Christmas everywhere. Including the ‘hood.

Beck: Little Drum Machine Boy – Beck does some of his Dopest Beats in the name of the Holidays. Droppin Hanukkah Science on that ass. I do love this man. “I get down… I get down… I get down All The Way! Hanukkah Pimp! Hanukkah Pimp! Hanukkah Pimp!”

Jackson 5: Santa Claus is Coming To Town – It’s Michael Jackson. I don’t need to say anything else.

Johnny Cash: Silent Night, Merry Christmas Mary, and Christmas as I knew it – Listen to Johnny Sing to you about Love, Silent Nights, and get his spoken word poetry on with Christmas as I knew it… a really touching tale of growing up in the olden days of Christmas… and what it should really be about.

Take 6: He Is ChristmasAmen! – One of the best Harmonizing Groups to ever exist on this Earth remind you all you need is 6 powerful voices; no instruments.

Stevie Wonder: Someday at Christmas – Before he was really a man, Stevie took the time to tell us to remember all the good things and memories of Christmas. Awesome.

Mahalia Jackson: O Little Town of BethlehemChristmas Comes to us only Once A Year – The woman who told The Roots How To Get Over. The Goddess of Gospel. Praise her name, Rest in peace.

Wynton Marsalis: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing – Trumpets and Christmas. How are we losing.

Jimi Hendrix Trio: The Little Drummer Boy | Silent Night|Auld Lang Syne [Extended Version] – Dude, I forgot I even had this Epic Victory of a song. Didnt realize it until I searched the entire music collection under “Christmas.” Victorious.

Vince Guaraldi Trio: Linus and Lucy, and ALL THREE versions of Christmas Time Is Here: Vocal Version, Instrumental Version and The Rare Alternative Version…. – Because it’s just not Christmas without this song.

Kaki King: O Holy Night – This version of this song came into my life where I was sure I was going to hate christmas forever. Then she sang to me. And it wasn’t so bad. This version will always have a special place in my heart.

I have more, but I’m frankly tired of uploading.

When you get tired of this, You can always head over to JohnBook’s site and check out his top picks for Christmas Music. You’re sure to find something you like, I promise.
I started this post hating Christmas. Now I’m not so mad anymore.
I got some Christmas FIRE in here. Download away. And don’t say I never gave you nothin.
Merry Christmahanukwannzaka.

Somebody went and Mashed up Johnny Cash with Eazy E. The world nearly imploded from the Power of the Awesome.

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Folsom Street Gangstas. They have more in common than you think.

Pointed out to me by the Legendary @MattMelvin (you continue to BLOW my MIND), and found on Tumblr, it looks like someone took the amazing that Johnny Cash, and mixed it with the Eternal Gangsta known as Eazy-E. Perfectly titled “Folsom Prison Gangstas,” the track mixes Cashes “Folsom Prison Blues” with Eazy’s “Luv 4 Dem Gangstas.” Blended much better than I initially thought it would be,  DJ Topcat sounds like he hit the Fruity Loops program to perfectly blend the right guitar chords and country lyrics with E’s well written gangsterisms.

You can listen and download by clicking here, then check the awesomeness that had to combine in order to create the win this new win before you.

Please, use that awesome tweet button I added to the page… and spread the joy.


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