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New Albums: Lianne La Havas previews entire ‘Is Your Love Big Enough’ album on YouTube; breaks down each track. Video Links:

At this point, I shouldn’t have to even say anything about how much I love this girl. I have already adopted her as my adorable little sister in my head; her success in the music […]

Jun, 23

Lianne La Havas reveals album cover/tracklisting for Is Your Love Big Enough?

With just a month left before Lianne La Havas drops her first full LP with Warner Brothers (August 9th for the United States), Lianne shares the cover of the new album (Photo by Ravi Dhar) and […]

Jun, 12

Concerts | Video: Lianne La Havas Live at Bootleg Theatre Los Angeles, May 22nd 2012. [With a surprise appearance from Stevie Wonder].

I know I probably say this a lot, but the other night was, in short, everything you want a night to be when you go out in Los Angeles; everything you need and hope for […]

May, 25

Lianne La Havas’ New Album is going to kick so much ass. So is her show in Los Angeles. You should pay attention.

At this point, you should be well aware of who this lady is (if you know me). If the (free) EP didn’t convince you, if the videos and appearances didn’t catch your attention, if the buzz hasn’t reached you at this […]

May, 01

Lianne La Havas comes back to Los Angeles: May 22, 2012 @ The Bootleg Bar. Links:

So a few days ago when I posted up that amazing full live show of Lianne in Germany, she popped up the SAME DAY to announce that she had made plans to return to Los […]

Apr, 03

Video | Listen: Lianne La Havas – Live in Berlin 3.3.12 (Full Concert) | Lianne is coming to Los Angeles (!!!)

Everything about this girl is awesome. I keep trying to tell you. Go download the EP and look at the videos for proof. Anyways… If you missed Lianne live streaming her show from the UK […]

Mar, 27

So @MusicNerdery + @Autostraddle + Current obsession with Lianne La Havas = You have to listen to her.

Since the girls over at Autostraddle really love what I’m doing, I decided to break my rule of not telling anyone about my new favorite artists and wrote up a nice little something for my […]

Feb, 09


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