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Mayer Hawthorne went to Chuck E. Cheese to make the new video for “Dreaming.”

Thanks to The Rainbow Report for pointing out the awesome weirdness. Basically, Mayer keeps it 1000% old school, finds someone who still owns an operating Chuck E. Cheese Band (The Rock-afire band, yes I know […]

Dec, 13

Mayer Hawthorne on Conan O’Brien last night. Victorious. Video:

Shoutout to Michigan Hip Hop for pointing out the awesomeness. So Mayer popped up on Conan to do his newest single “The Walk” from his latest album, ‘How Do You Do’ (which is out now). […]

Oct, 18

Mayer Hawthorne + Mr. and Mrs. Smith = Hilarious Video for The Walk.

Just when you think Mayer cant get any better, this dude releases his album a week early, then he goes and channels Brad and Angelina’s epic fight scene in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” as the […]

Oct, 05

Another #MayerMondays brings us the Tracklisting for Mayer Hawthorne’s newest album.

So first he announces the album title via twitter. Now he goes all in and lets the full tracklisting for his newest project out “How Do You Do,” due out 10.11.11. So far, its 12 […]

Sep, 26

Saturday Morning Music: I just heard @MayerHawthorne’s newest single, “The Walk.” It made me happy inside.

Taking a break from all things internet and communications earlier this week, I missed out on the kickassedness that is #MayerMondays. Surely enough, I adore his newest retrotastic joint from the forthcoming “How Do You […]

Sep, 03

Mayer Hawthorne’s Newest Album, “How Do You Do,” Due out October 11th.

Short, sweet, simple and awesome… Mayer Hawthorne flips mondays for us, turning it into a #MayerMonday and dropping the Artwork and Title for his new album, “How Do You Do.” Nice. Now we play the […]

Aug, 23

Mayer Hawthorne and Kanye West.

No, I dont know what came of this. But really, who cares though. lol. Swiped from the legendary A-Side Worldwide: Mayer Hawthorne performed at the Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland and got a chance to […]

Aug, 17


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