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Video: The Black Keys featuring Johnny Depp, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler @ MTV Movie Awards. Links:

I just wanted to point this out really quick, as this is the stuff that Music Nerds dream of. So yeah. Johnny Depp just decided to hop on stage with The Black Keys last night […]

Jun, 04

According to MTVStaff, the 10 ten Hottest MCs in the game are:

So after much arguing, debating, and moving MCs all around, MTV was able to come of with their list of who they think is currently the hottest in the Music Industry right now. I never […]

Feb, 20

Nirvana pissing off MTV. Awesome.

*deeeeep breath….* So… Remember when MTV invited Nirvana to perform at the MTV VMA’s and said they could do ANY song they wanted so Kurt Cobain chose “Rape Me” (because it actually takes shots at […]

Sep, 25
#CaliDay. @MTVJams. 10.27.10. Make sure youre watching.

#CaliDay. @MTVJams. 10.27.10. Make sure youre watching.

After a few technical difficulties, last-minute video submissions and perfecting perfection, #CaliDay on MTVJams is set to start at 7am on 10.27.10. Theres waaaay too much awesome already planned for the day, including epic blocks […]

Oct, 25


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